Hi! It is so good to be back here again. Like really good. It is hard to believe that the last time I dropped in to say hi was 9 months ago. It’s been so long I’m wondering if I should reintroduce myself to my own blog!

For those who might be new here, I am a full time mom to Harmon Mayne, the SWEETEST GIFT apart from God’s grace that I’ve ever received. I am a single mom who loves hard and fights for her baby boy daily. Along with being a full time mom I am also a full time school teacher.

After coming out of a really hard and jobless season the month of August came around leaving me with a bittersweet heart. I was thankful for the Lord’s provision in a full-time teaching position, but I also hated the idea of being away from Harmon for ten hours out of the day. This last school year was definitly hard, long and filled with plenty of mom guilt. During the first month of school I cried on my drive to work after dropping Harmon off at the babysitter. I wanted to be the one to feed him, put him down for a nap and play with him all day long. I wanted to be at home teaching my son, instead of fifty-two third graders. The thought of Harmon learning to crawl, walk, or speak at the babysitter’s was painful to my heart. I just wanted to be there. As time went on the Lord allowed to see and feel the comfort of Harmon being well take care of. His babysitter is awesome and sent me pictures daily. I would stare at his pictures every chance I got.

This last year has stretch in many ways. I pumped three times a day at work. If that doesn’t stretch you, I don’t know what will. Anyways, as this summer goes on I want to work backwards and write about my nursing journey, Harmon’s eczema, life as a working mom, my Colombian lover boy and so much more.

I’ll keep it simple for now as I am just happy to be able to drop in and say hi!

Look how much Harmon has grown!

August 2018
April 2019
Early September 2018