I have worn this look out! It has literally been my go to outfit for over two years. I just love how easy it is to look some what put together. I used to called this mom outfit. Pre-Harmon I’d imagine myself wearing similar things once I became a mom and well here we are. If I running out the house (usually late) I will grab this dress, put my hair up, throw on big earrings and some kind of slip in show and run out the door. Although “running” out the door now is not running at all. I have to double/triple check that I have all that Harmon need and I usually end up forgetting something anyways. Like the time we went out for ice cream at Sweet Daze 30 minutes away and I  did not pack any diapers!! That’s right, diapers!! I could not believe the epic mom fail. Of course Harmon uses the big potty- if you know what I mean.  I ended up buying diapers at the Dollar General in the same shopping center #NOSHAME.

Not to mention the car seat definitely slows me down. That things gets heavier every single day. Gosh, it is not my favorite at all! All those things take extra time which cuts into the time I actually have to get ready, so something easy like this chambray shirt dress i perfect.

I will have to update it sooner or later because it’s been over dried and shrunk a bit which makes the slide slips a little risky. When I was pregnant I wore it as a shirt with leggings. I tell ya, you have to have pieces that can be worn multiple ways because you never know when you might grow a bump ! 😉