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Story behind Harmon’s Dad

So I found this GEM on my desktop earlier this week and could not believe that I had not shared it yet. I wanted to share this while I was pregnant but I did not film it till the week I went into labor. Talking about who Harmon’s biological father and our history is something that I wanted to do for a long time, but it was difficult to do while I was pregnant because it would just bring tears…

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He Gives Us Beauty Instead Of Ashes

                              Outfit Details | Coat & Coat | Similar|Leggings|Boots Vulnerability takes a crazy amount of courage. It means sharing the parts of who you are that you may not like yourself, but the result of vulnerability is unmeasurable.  Long time ago I heard someone say that people may not always relate to you victories, but they will relate to defeats. We all have parts of our…

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