Oh Deer Harmon Mayne is Almost Here! Baby Shower!

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My heart is still so full from this weekend’s baby showers. I mean, how could it not be? My dearest friends and family celebrated Harmon Mayne with me! I actually had two baby showers in the same day at the same place! The morning baby shower was a brunch with my dearest friends and that same evening my mom hosted a baby shower with my loud and proud Mexican family!

My family and friends did a phenomenal job with all the details. The decorations were absolutely  beautiful and there was greenery and antlers every where. Harmon’s nursery is deer/antler theme so they tide that in perfectly. They even had a “Sweetest Gift Bar” full of desserts and special treats including Nita Ana’s empanadas, which are Harmon’s favorite 😉 .  Night Owl Coffee cart was also at the morning shower. I will actually write a full post on that later this week because it was such a special treat!

As I was opening so gifts the I could not help but be amazed at the Lord’s provision. Having a baby is expensive! They require so much for such little humans, not to mention that all things baby related are tripled in price. Think about it. Underwear is not expensive but diapers are! Car seats are required by law but are not priced at a comfortable point for everyone to afford, well at least not the highly safety rated ones. Anyways, that was not the rant I wanted to go on.  The Lord provides! These last couple of weeks have been filled with major to do and to buy list before Harmon gets here and the Lord in kindness made a way for those burdens to be lifted by His people. I am only missing a few things now which makes me feel so much for confident for Harmon’s arrival. I seriously had nightmares last week of having to sneak Harmon out of the hospital because I did not have a car seat so the doctors would not let me leave. I somehow managed to convince my parent to join in on my mission impossible. Apparently in my dreams you can run and jump hours after giving birth. I am very grateful that to have the essentials now so Harmon won’t have to be smuggled out of the hospital!

Almost two years ago I read The Return of the Prodigal Son by Henri Nouwen.  The Lord used that book to change my perspective on the parable of the Prodigal Son. See too often when we read this parable we put ourselves in the place of prodigal son who has turned his own way and walked away from the richness of his father, because if we are really honest we have all been there at some point or another. We have gone our own way, made poor decisions and have traded God’s promises for lies.  Or when we read the parable we see ourselves as the envious brother who has all wealth the father has to offer but does not take advantage of it. The envious brother becomes jealous because his wayward brother is getting a banquet meanwhile forgetting that he could have thrown a banquet any day or every single day for that matter. As believers we have all of our Heavenly Father’s promises and wealth at hand but for whatever reason we too soak in comparison rather than living in full light of the promises and wealth that God has offered to us. We can throw a party and celebrate life any and every day! It is easy to put yourself in the place of the prodigal son or envious brother because we know our brokenness, but we hardly ever put ourselves in the place of the father. The father in this parable welcomes the son back with open arms, no questions asked. He meets his son right where he is, he meets his needs and so much more, he also celebrates his return. As I read this book almost two years ago I prayed that the Lord would  grow my heart to be like the father’s. I wanted to run to people and meet them where they are, to celebrate their return and to love on others with open arms. As a follower of Jesus I wanted to model the love of our heavenly Father more clearly…why I am telling you this? ….Well because as I was opening my gifts and looked out to see the smiling faces of the gals around me at my baby shower I realized that the Lord did answer my prayer He grew my heart like the father’s by placing people in my life who loved with open arms, met my needs an celebrated my return and celebrate the new life God had allowed to grow inside of me! He gave me real life examples of what it looks like to model the love of the Father. So be careful what you pray for 😉 ha! The Lord is so good and cleaver! I’m forever grateful for my friends and family. Lord knows I couldn’t do it without them!

[[ My dress is not materity, it is a size medium. I actually ordered a seven dresses in different sizes and styles to see which would fit. This is one was my favorite so I was really hoping that the medium would work and it did! The top was a little wide but once I tighten the straps it was good to go! It is also under $50 at Nordstrom Rack. It is linked above!

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