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Valentine’s Day Pink!

Outfit Details| Dress | Shoes | Similar Jacket |Watch| MK Activity Band Happy Monday! This marks our fourth week into the new year and week 29 for Harmon! I keep saying to myself, “only 10 more weeks to go”. I just don’t really see myself carrying this sweet baby a full 40 weeks, why? I have no idea. I’ve never done this before but 40 weeks seems like a really long time! Today also marks the beginning of my 9-week birthing…

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The Perfect LBD & 10 Things I Didn’t Expect About Pregnancy

Outfit Details| Dress|Shoes|Watch Real quick this little black lace dress is just perfect and so is the price point! It is on clearance and under $50 with an additional 25% off at Banana republic. I fell in love with the bell sleeves immediately and knew I had to have to it. I’m wearing a size 2 petite and it fit my baby bump! I was so happy to see that because that means  I will be able to wear it…

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Please Call Me “Plaid Poncho”

                      Outfit Details |Poncho | Leggings | Boots|Earrings It has been a wintery vortex here in Dallas, but I will not complain because I truly love winter and like the idea of having cooler temperatures during this season. Unlike years past when I did not wear a coat will winter. I’m still hoping to get actual snow soon but I am not holding my breath!   I have always loved…

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Yellow & Bright! MLK Day!

              Outfit Details| Top| Coat-old (express)| Similar Coat| Leggings| Similar Boots MLK Holiday Sales NineWest-Addtional 30% off Clearance  Madewell- 20%off when you spend$100, 30% when you spend $200 CODE: STAYCOZY EXPRESS-Additional 50%off clearance + $25 off for every$100you spend  Banana Republic Factory- Additional 40% off clearance CODE:CLEARANCE, text “SHOP” to  28500 for an additional 15% off, if you use your BR card you also get an additional 10% off Shutterfly- 50% off hardcover books,…

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Touch of Lilac

    Outfit Details |Similar Coat | Similar Coat | Turtleneck (Better deal Here)|Leggings &  Loving These Leggings  | Boots   Happy Saturday morning! Harmon is twenty-eight weeks today and this marks the beginning of our third trimester! The finish line is getting closer everyday. Harmon is about sixteen inches tall (he will be taller than me by the time he is five! Ha!) and he weighs closer to three pounds now! I am so grateful for how physically comfortable my pregnancy…

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He Gives Us Beauty Instead Of Ashes

                              Outfit Details | Coat & Coat | Similar|Leggings|Boots Vulnerability takes a crazy amount of courage. It means sharing the parts of who you are that you may not like yourself, but the result of vulnerability is unmeasurable.  Long time ago I heard someone say that people may not always relate to you victories, but they will relate to defeats. We all have parts of our…

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