Harmon Mayne

MOM-Osa by Night Owl Coffee Cart

Night Owl Coffee Cart  Outfit Details| Dress | Necklace | Earrings TjMaxx- Similar here | Shoes Mom-Osas, cappucinos and lattes at a Harmon’s baby shower were the icing on the cake pops! My friend, Corbin recently launched on his own adventure and opened up the Night Owl Coffee Cart. It is a mobile craft coffee and cocktail bar that is perfect for any private event. Corbin and I went to high school together and reconnected at a little place called Watermark a couple of years back. As…

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Oh Deer Harmon Mayne is Almost Here! Baby Shower!

Outfit Details| Dress | Necklace | Earrings TjMaxx- Similar here | Shoes My heart is still so full from this weekend’s baby showers. I mean, how could it not be? My dearest friends and family celebrated Harmon Mayne with me! I actually had two baby showers in the same day at the same place! The morning baby shower was a brunch with my dearest friends and that same evening my mom hosted a baby shower with my loud and proud…

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Second Trimester Recap!

Outfit Details | Top| Skirt |Similar Shoes | It’s hard to believe how fast my second trimester flew by. I went into it thinking it would feel like the longest because it’s right in the middle. You know it’s not the beginning where everything is new and it’s not at the end where it is just a waiting game. The last fourteen weeks felt like four. The second trimester started off with awful and constant headaches for four weeks straight.…

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First Trimester

Outfit Details | Cardigan| Jeans | Boots| Beanie| Top Hello Darlings! When I look back to my first trimester I get stuck between a smile and the remembrance of the biggest heartache I’ve ever experience.  If I could summarize my first trimester in one word I would say it was just Hard! It was emotionally hard, physically easy, spiritually sweet. Emotionally the first twelve weeks of my pregnancy were extremely hard for many reasons. I found out I was pregnant…

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Harmon Mayne!

Outfit Details | Vest |Sunnies |Necklace| Jeans| Shoes Choosing a name for my sweet baby was something that came extremely easy. In fact I had a name picked in my heart before finding out the gender. I always loved the named Harmon and dreamed that one day I would name my first born boy Harmon. I never imagined it would be under these circumstances, but nonetheless I knew in my heart that my sweet baby’s name was going to be Harmon…

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Popsicle Orange Bump & No Maternity Clothes

Outfit Details | Similar Top | Skirt-old Banana Republic | Sunnies | Similar-Shoes  | Similar Shoes  I actually purchased this top over a year ago from ZARA and finally wore it with this outfit. It’s an absolute beauty, but since it’s been so long I could not find it anywhere. The skirt is also old. I bought it at Banana Republic over two years ago and wore it once to a dinner party. I love the bright color! The first time I…

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