Hey lovelies!

So the other day while I was planning on out shopping for my best-friend’s engagement party I stoped at the Dollar Tree to buy a air pump to blow up the balloons for the arch I made. I only bought that one thing and paid the cashier with quarters and dimes. He gave me back my change and as I was walking away he handed me another penny. I told him he had already returned my changed and he said, “Oh my bad! I thought the struggle was real.” I immediately died laughing and said,  you’re right the struggle is real and gladly took the penny.

And because the struggle is real I can only daydream about shopping the Nordstrom Annual Sale. This year has financially been hard. I think I had more money was I was a broke college student. LOL but really tho… But I God has been good to me.

I lost my Job in September and that was the last time I got a full/normal paycheck. I was out of a job for seven months and when I finally got one I went on maternity leave six weeks later. And because I was so new to my job I had no maternity leave pay, so basically the struggle kept going.

Anyways, I don’t say that to throw a pity party, but to just kept it real. Life is hard sometimes and some seasons are hard and saying no to things you want is hard. I made a deal with myself earlier this month. Because I have babysat a couple of times this summer I have allowed myself to spend $100 on the Nordstrom Sale if I saw something I LOVED.

Nordstrom can be such an overwhelming store for many reasons. Yes it’s big and has just about everything you could possibly need or want. But it is also pretty expensive. Sure they carry high quality things, but I feel like even their basics can be overly priced. Listen. I am not playing over $20 for a basic white tee when I can get it at Target for $5. Just saying. I personally shop at Nordstrom for the must-have staples. I shop there for shoes because they are great at having size 5’s, dresses and sometimes jeans. And well you can’t beat their customer service.

I feel like everybody and their momma are talking about this sale and spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Why? I don’t know. I browsed through the sale multiple times as I am a Nordstrom card holder, so I have early access to the sale. I saw a couple things I really liked, but not a whole lot that I just loved and could not live without. I did however find a pair of booties that I am obsessed with (linked below) and a couple of pieces that I would like to share with you because they are gems! I added some of these thing to my wish list and cart to make myself feel better.

I have been looking for white workout leggings with shear siding for a long time! And these Zella crop leggings are perfect! Spending a lot of money on leggings can be hard for me. I have wanted Lululemon leggings for years but spending a hundred dollars on workout gear is just hard for me. I get it- they fit perfectly, but still hard. I think about all the other things I could get with that money. But this Zella leggings on the other hands are very reasonably priced. Zella is one of my favorite workout brands. Their leggings fit amazing !

Zella- So Stunning Crop Leggings $35.90

These are just yummy! I am so tempted to go try these on in person to see what they look like on.  These would just motivate me to workout.

Zella- Sun Salutation High Waist Leggings $42.90

So these leggings give me thigh gap. Enough said!

But really, I splurged on those last winter and I never looked back. The shape you so beautifully. They even hid my baby bump. I was 5 months pregnant and you could not tell when I was wearing these SPANX leggings. I paid a $100 for them and this is the cheapest I’ve ever seen them.

SPANX-Faux Leather Leggings $64.90

Same fit but with and edgier look

B.P.Washed Moto Leggings $25.90

These B.P. look similar to the Spanx Motto leggings for a much cheaper price. They also come in an olive color.

Okay, so I actually because I saw them in the catalog. I ordered the blush ones because the color looked pretty neutral online but in person they are more pink. I returned them. I’m tempted to order the grey (pictured above) or the black. Mules can we worn all year long. They are also at a great price point.

B.P. Tonya Open Toe Mule $49.90

I was torn over ordering this fleece sweater. I love these Thread & supply fleeces so much. They are the most comfortable, coziest and warm things out there. The reason I was torn and could not add it to my cart was because last winter I bought the vest at TJMaxx for $20! I just kept saying to myself, “what if I find it cheaper later this year”. It wasn’t long before my size sold out. If your size is still available buy it! you won’t regret it. Size down they run large.

Thread & Supply Wubby Fleece Pullover $51.90

OKAY! These are the booties that I added to my cart and bought immediately. I just love them! They are the perfect bootie to transition from summer into fall and fall into winter. I got them in the mail yesterday and wore them around the house this morning because I could not get enough. I am surprised that they are not getting much attention. Oh well- I’m better off that way!

Steve Madden Rumble Perforated Bootie (Women) $86.90

I am drooling over this white snake print. These were my runner ups. They are such a statement piece and can spice up any outfit. If you want to send these my way I will be very grateful. 😉 Is it too soon to ask for a birthday gift?

STEVE MADDEN-Petra Open Side Bootie $79.90

I was shockingly underwhelmed with the lack of rompers and jumpsuits in the sale. I do think this one is very well priced and would be fabulous to wear to a summer wedding.

Surplice Jumpsuit $38.90


If I didn’t prefer Nike outlet prices I would buy these.

A gal can dream, right?

Michele- Caber Diamond Bracelet Watch $1129.90

This scarf is super thick and cozy in person. It’s a dream! Buy it! I keep telling myself I have way too many scarf but then I tell myself I don’y have one like this on.
Tyler Scarf $21.90

I have been eyeing these sunnies for a while now. I like the solid black look. They are discounted  $13 ! Maybe next time for me, but I do like them a lot.

x Desi Perkins High Key Mini 57mm Aviator Sunglasses $52.00

Gosh, you can never go wrong with a good suede or leather jacket. I love this color. It has such a famine shape. I would style this with dark flare out jeans, leopard pumps and a black bag and big sunnies! Love it!

No Limit Suede Moto Jacket $125.90

These are my top picks from the sale. Nothing too overwhelming I hope!