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It’s Monday! Harmon woke up at 5am this morning, but that’s okay. The Lord is seating on His throne and it is well with my soul. Well it was well with my soul around 7:50am. Ha. Once I came to terms with the fact that I was not going to fall back to sleep till bedtime tonight. As soon as Harmon wakes up he is wired and ready to play. Regardless of what time it is. This morning I put him down to play with his toys in his room while I layed on the daybed watching him play with one eye open. He is not a big fan of my lazy mom tactics, so he pokes my eyes, pulls my hair and slaps my face. It’s painfully so cute that I have to get up.

In other news is anybody else ready to wear rompers all summer long? I am! Rompers are definitly my go to on a daily basis I mean why deal with picking out a top and bottom when you can get two in one.

This romper is from The Pink Lily Boutique. I love just about everything they sell. Their prices are fair, specially for a boutique and they run sales weekly! If you sign up for their emails or text messages they send special discount codes. ( I am the discount queen- almost embarrassing how any codes I will try to stack on every purchase). If you haven’t heard of them I highly recommend checking them out!

What I am really excited to share are these earrings. They are handmade by a local Chocolatier! That’s right a chocolatier! Cindy is a co-owner of CocoAndre Chocolatier, a chocolate shop here in Dallas. When I first visit the shop I did not expect to find such unique gifts. The owners bring in unique pieces from Mexico. Naturally I assumed the earrings were brought in too, but after speaking with Cindy I learned that she hand makes them. It is a way to release some creative spark. I have never seen or felt anything like them. They are the lightest earnings I’ve ever worn and they feel like fondant! I know, a weird way to describe a pair of earrings but it’s true!

They are located in the Bishops Art District. Check them out for their chocolate and the unique gifts.