Shopping for Harmon at Beatnik Fine Goods

  Fur Moccasins|Earrings| Watch | MK Activity Tracker|   I love shopping at local boutiques! Specially here in Dallas because boutiques truly are hidden gems in a big retail market. I came across BEAT*NIK Fine Goods boutique while strolling through the Bishops Arts District. I was captivated by their unique window display and all the baby clothes! I immediately walked straight into these moccasins and just about lost my breathe! A little much, yes, I know, but my love for…

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Follow me as I follow Jesus – Small Group

                Outfit Details | Dress |Necklace  Oh gosh, I know I will not get through this without many tears, but here we go! So when I found out I was pregnant a thousand things crossed my mind at once. I saw my life flash before my eyes and I saw it ending in complete despair. I felt like I was trapped against a wall and a knife. If I had an abortion I…

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Olive Romper

      Outfit Details |Similar Romper Here & Here– Just ordered | Similar Wedges & Here | Earrings | Bag | Sunnies How roomie is this romper?!!  I saw this romper at Zara and immediately wanted it because 1. it was under $20, 2. it’s loose fitting and 3. Its olive! I kept it in my cart for a couple of days because I could not decide between an xtra-small or a small, but sadly I forgot the lesson I’ve…

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Baby Blue Never Gets Old

      Outfit Details | Dress | Shoes- Similar| Shoes- Similiar |Bag-Similar | Earrings   Well hello there! I can’t believe it has been two full weeks since I’ve jump on and finished a post. Well I can believe it because it has been a crazy last couple of weeks. My third trimester has been a storm, a beautiful storm but nonetheless a storm. The nursery is almost finished (Praise Jesus)! It was a lot more work than I…

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MOM-Osa by Night Owl Coffee Cart

                        Night Owl Coffee Cart  Outfit Details| Dress | Necklace | Earrings TjMaxx- Similar here | Shoes Mom-Osas, cappucinos and lattes at a Harmon’s baby shower were the icing on the cake pops! My friend, Corbin recently launched on his own adventure and opened up the Night Owl Coffee Cart. It is a mobile craft coffee and cocktail bar that is perfect for any private event. Corbin and I went to high school together and reconnected…

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Oh Deer Harmon Mayne is Almost Here! Baby Shower!

Outfit Details| Dress | Necklace | Earrings TjMaxx- Similar here | Shoes   My heart is still so full from this weekend’s baby showers. I mean, how could it not be? My dearest friends and family celebrated Harmon Mayne with me! I actually had two baby showers in the same day at the same place! The morning baby shower was a brunch with my dearest friends and that same evening my mom hosted a baby shower with my loud and…

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