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“Lord, I cannot handle Harmon Mayne being a girl! – Have Mercy!”

                                Outfit Details : Mudpie Plaid Vest| Similar Vest | Leggings | Booties| Beanie Precious BOY!! Harmon Mayne is  sweet sweet BOY! So a little back story about me. I have three brothers and no sisters and I absolutely love it that way and always have! I have never wanted  sister, never imagined what life would be like if I had  sister, I had zero desire to share my life with a…

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The Father’s Love is the Most Beautiful Gift

                    Outfit Details |Dress | Dress | Shoes | Tights | Anna Marie Hannaford Photography There are so many lessons that I’ve learned through this season. Not one lesson or experience  is wasted and at this point I would go through every trial all again in order to grow in the knowledge and understanding of my Jesus. Ghew! I never thought I would say that six months ago, but the reality…

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The Bump is Out!

                                        Outfit details | Dress| Shoes | Jacket| Jacket | Lips Anna Marie Hannaford Photography  Harmon Mayne made his debut on my birthday! Har-Har went bump bump!   I turned twenty-eight on sunday and received the sweetest gift from Harmon Mayne.  He showed up while shooting this look! Can you see him in the pictures?   I officially hit the six month…

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Cheers to 28 !

          Twenty- Eight !! OH MY GOODNESS! I AM TWENTY-EIGHT!!   When did that happen? It’s hard to believe twenty-eight it is already here! I guess time really does fly when you are having fun or when your world gets flipped upside down a couple of times and back up again! Y’all life is good and worth celebrating. I have kept a journal/diary every year since the second grade and it has been one of the…

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Not What I meant When I asked for a Break!

                Mudpie Plaid Vest| Similar Vest | Leggings | Booties| Beanie   Well I guess I can check falling through an attic floor off my list! Last Wednesday was all around a hard day after a pretty emotionally week. I started my day off with plans to be productive and effective, but it did not fully end up that way.   My friend, Walker and I met for pedi’s and mani’s early that…

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“LBR” Little Black Romper

                    I became obsessed with this Adelyn Rae lace romper the second  I laid my eyes on it! It is the perfect romper for a holiday party! The lace on it is soft, comfortable, and the best part is that it is a good length. Ladies, we all know our love for rompers is limited at times because they are often a little too short once we put our hiney into…

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