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Harmon Mayne!

Outfit Details | Vest |Sunnies |Necklace| Jeans| Shoes Choosing a name for my sweet baby was something that came extremely easy. In fact I had a name picked in my heart before finding out the gender. I always loved the named Harmon and dreamed that one day I would name my first born boy Harmon. I never imagined it would be under these circumstances, but nonetheless I knew in my heart that my sweet baby’s name was going to be Harmon…

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Popsicle Orange Bump & No Maternity Clothes

Outfit Details | Similar Top | Skirt-old Banana Republic | Sunnies | Similar-Shoes  | Similar Shoes  I actually purchased this top over a year ago from ZARA and finally wore it with this outfit. It’s an absolute beauty, but since it’s been so long I could not find it anywhere. The skirt is also old. I bought it at Banana Republic over two years ago and wore it once to a dinner party. I love the bright color! The first time I…

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Valentine’s Day Pink!

Outfit Details| Dress | Shoes | Similar Jacket |Watch| MK Activity Band Happy Monday! This marks our fourth week into the new year and week 29 for Harmon! I keep saying to myself, “only 10 more weeks to go”. I just don’t really see myself carrying this sweet baby a full 40 weeks, why? I have no idea. I’ve never done this before but 40 weeks seems like a really long time! Today also marks the beginning of my 9-week birthing…

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The Perfect LBD & 10 Things I Didn’t Expect About Pregnancy

Outfit Details| Dress|Shoes|Watch Real quick this little black lace dress is just perfect and so is the price point! It is on clearance and under $50 with an additional 25% off at Banana republic. I fell in love with the bell sleeves immediately and knew I had to have to it. I’m wearing a size 2 petite and it fit my baby bump! I was so happy to see that because that means  I will be able to wear it…

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Please Call Me “Plaid Poncho”

                      Outfit Details |Poncho | Leggings | Boots|Earrings It has been a wintery vortex here in Dallas, but I will not complain because I truly love winter and like the idea of having cooler temperatures during this season. Unlike years past when I did not wear a coat will winter. I’m still hoping to get actual snow soon but I am not holding my breath!   I have always loved…

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Yellow & Bright! MLK Day!

              Outfit Details| Top| Coat-old (express)| Similar Coat| Leggings| Similar Boots MLK Holiday Sales NineWest-Addtional 30% off Clearance  Madewell- 20%off when you spend$100, 30% when you spend $200 CODE: STAYCOZY EXPRESS-Additional 50%off clearance + $25 off for every$100you spend  Banana Republic Factory- Additional 40% off clearance CODE:CLEARANCE, text “SHOP” to  28500 for an additional 15% off, if you use your BR card you also get an additional 10% off Shutterfly- 50% off hardcover books,…

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  • Burning those extra mom calories like! ... 😅 I used to think it was funny when moms would say they stay fit by chasing their kids around, but I get it now!  Chasing a toddler around does wear you out! Harmon hits the ground running and does not stop till it’s nap/bed time!  I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love every second of it! I just wonder how his babysitter does it??!! •
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  • Boys... my boys! 🎡🎢🤠 • •
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