Howdy and Welcome to the   ,  my name is Analy! I am an upper twenty something year old living in the Dallas area.

The Sweetest gift blog is a place where I get to share the sweetness of the gifts God has given me. The Sweetest gift being salvation through the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ. The second is being a mama to sweetest baby boy named Harmon Mayne. This blog is something that I dreamed about for years but the Lord graciously kept saying not yet. Until this summer (2017) when He gave me the Sweetest Gift!

I hope that you find inspiration, creativity, fashion and most of all the love of Jesus here.

Welcome To The Sweetestgift Blog

The Sweetestgift Blog is a fun mix of faith and fashion. It provides uplifting encouragement with a unique blend modern day style. I love that you are here so stay awhile!

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  • Motherhood is a decision you make each day to put someone else’s contentment ahead of your own, to teach kindness, respect, patience and forgiveness, embracing the perfect blend of chaos and love, to have full hands and a fuller heart. Motherhood is where love begins and never ends. •
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  • The magic of Christmas! ✨🎄 Harmon’s first look at the Christmas tree this morning! Last year he was crawling and did not pay much attention to the tree! I have a feeling this year might be a little different! #harmonmayne #christmas #sweetestgiftblog

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