Howdy and Welcome to the   ,  my name is Analy! I am an upper twenty something year old living in the Dallas area.

The Sweetest gift blog is a place where I get to share the sweetness of the gifts God has given me. The Sweetest gift being salvation through the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ. The second is being a mama to sweetest baby boy named Harmon Mayne. This blog is something that I dreamed about for years but the Lord graciously kept saying not yet. Until this summer (2017) when He gave me the Sweetest Gift!

I hope that you find inspiration, creativity, fashion and most of all the love of Jesus here.

Welcome To The Sweetestgift Blog

The Sweetestgift Blog is a fun mix of faith and fashion. It provides uplifting encouragement with a unique blend modern day style. I love that you are here so stay awhile!

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  • CONSISTENCY. Esteban’s consistent pursuit of Jesus, Harmon and I is a gift from above. It’s like he’s made it up in his mind that he is for US and he won’t give up! 😉😍 He is the same on the hard days as he is on the easy days. Consistency. I like consistency! •
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  • When everyone wants a spoonful of your ice cream!!! 🍨 Ha! Before Harmon was born I swore I was never going to give him ice cream! In fact I was going to tell him that he was allergic to ice cream and candy... and everything else that had sugar! 🤦🏽‍♀️😂 But look at me now! I mean how can you deny that sweet face the special treats of life! 🍭🍦🍪 (in moderation of course) •
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