“Be a pineapple: Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside”

I just love this outfit!  It is an oldie but a goodie. This morning was bright and sunny and by 3 o’clock it was storming. I was so thankful to be able to have lunch with a friend before then. Lunch with friends just fills my love bucket. Seriously, I could have lunch with a friend and feel like I completed so may things that day. I just love real life conversations and getting to know others more deeply.

I met with my friend Laurie. We are friends from bootcamp. She is incredibly sweet! Laurie was actually the first person at bootcamp that I told I was pregnant. It was right before the gender reveal. I stop going to bootcamp around 7 months pregnant and I had not seen her since. She got to love on Harmon over good Texas BBQ! Laurie did not know all of m y story and so I was able to share it with her. She could not believe everything that happened during my pregnancy. Retelling all that I dealt with in the early months of my pregnancy made my eyes water and it also left me in shock. It’s still hard to believe how quickly my life changed. I was reminded of all the injustice I went through and have not shared. There are parts of the journey that I have not fully shared. The Lord has made it very clear that He wants to speak up and speak out but fear and excuses have held me back, but this month will be the month I work extra hard to get it done. Hold me to it! Particularly the contract that I was asked to sign but instead I opted to be terminated because I could just not agree with in good conscience. Being treated differently for being a women versus being a man in the process. My heart is ready!

Now for the details on my outfit. I got so many questions/comments on my skirt today. It is such a fun piece. Unfortunately I bought it last year from the J Crew Factory story and is no longer available. I did find it on Posh Mark for under $30. I am wearing and XS. My top is an all time favorite. I bought in Israel two summers ago at a store named CASTRO – it’s similar to FOREVER21 but Israeli style. I linked similar styles from SHEIN.com and Forever21. I love Shein prices, but I always read reviews to make sure the description and sizing is accurate. I think I paid $25 for my top there but I linked ones under $20.

Anyways, it is 1am because this is really only the time I get to write without being distracted. If there is typo’s ill fix them in the morning! I love y’all and thankful for the faithful readers!