I actually bough this romper last summer, so I linked a couple different options since it is out of stock.

I think I only wore it once last summer for my little brother’s birthday dinner. I fell in love with the sleeves the moment I saw it. I have a thing for off-the-shoulder tops and bell-sleeves. It’s just the perfect combination.  The elastic on the top really keeps it in place. I hate tops that come up when you raise your arms. It drives me crazy!

So funny story, like I said, I wore this romper for my brother’s birthday dinner. It was the month I found out I was pregnant and told my parents. I was just over a month pregnant and obviously not showing. When my mom say me in this romper she said, “Are you going to be a sexy mom?”.  Hahaha which lead to us talking about the “future bump”. My mom could just not imagine me being an bigger. I have always been pretty petite and the thought of me being bigger just seem to make her laugh.

I remember being so self-conscious about showing at dinner that night. I felt like everyone could just see a baby bump. I had to reassure myself multiple times that was not the case. Gosh, I had that sinking feeling in my stomach that entire first month. You know, that feeling you get when you break something at home and you were just hoping your parents would never find out so you wouldn’t get in trouble. It felt like that but worst!

Does anyone else correlate certain outfits to experiences or events? When I shop for a new outfit I have to be able to think of an event to wear it to, otherwise I won’t buy it. This romper reminds of the insecurities and fear that I felt that day. The awkwardness I felt at the dinner table – praying that we didn’t have to talk about it there. BUT TODAY, I wear it as someone who has been redeemed and made clean by Christ. I don’t have to carry that shame with me. I can now wear this romper as a momma who loves and choosing her baby daily. As a mom who loves hard but has style. As a mom who is not going to give up on her dreams or lose fight of her adventurous spirit. I know, that sounds like a whole lot of empowerment from just a romper, BUT GOD can use all things!

And today He used a romper to speak truth!