I love this top so much I am wearing it again today, but with shorts because it is over 100 degrees in Dallas today. My brother actually bought me this top this top the last time he was in town because he is awesome! And well because I might have thrown in the tile of things he was buying my mom and himself at check-out! It was worth the try and it worked lol.

I have always loved this neckline. I love it on dresses too. It adds a touch of class without being too much- ya get me?! I’m also a sucker for all things gingham right now, are you?!  I’m currently wearing with the bow tied on the back instead of the front like in the pictures and I like it equally.

I shop at the JCrew factory store quiet a bit because there is an outlet near my house, so it is super convenient  and they have great prices. The factory store carries different styles than the regular retail store. I like them both equally. I’m not boogie, I’m a bargain shopper 😉

Also, I love DEEPA GURGANI earrings, but I don’t like to spend over $20 bucks on fashionable jewelry because the well I’m a bargain shopper. I actually find these at TjMaxx and buy them for much less than what they retail for.

Stay cool out there,