Night Owl Coffee Cart 

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Mom-Osas, cappucinos and lattes at a Harmon’s baby shower were the icing on the cake pops!

My friend, Corbin recently launched on his own adventure and opened up the Night Owl Coffee Cart. It is a mobile craft coffee and cocktail bar that is perfect for any private event. Corbin and I went to high school together and reconnected at a little place called Watermark a couple of years back. As soon as I heard about Night Owl Coffee Cart I knew I wanted it to be part of this special day!


I am going to take a minute to boast on Night Owl Coffee Cart not because Corbin is a friend, but because we truly received phenomenal service and it was a such a unique and personal experience.


The date for the baby shower was set over four months ago and we (the girls [host] and I) wanted  it to be a brunch with lots of goodies and sweets, so coffee and cocktails were a must! I originally inquired information from another mobile coffee cart in the Dallas area that I was familiar with. Weeks later I was having coffee with a friend and they happened to mentioned Corbin’s coffee cart. I immediately called him, heard about his services and booked him!

Night Owl Coffee Cart customize the menu to fit my baby shower and created a unique cocktail, “MOM-osa!” How cute!! The best part was that coffee and cocktails were unlimited so my friends and family could have as many drinks as their hearts desired! Corbin made sure everyone had a drink in hand and made it just the way they liked them. He was more than just the coffee bar guy he actually got to know my guest! It’s been fun to hear stories from my friends on how well they connected with him. The set up and clean up was easy and quick and Corbin took care of it all! I mean what else could you want?! A good time without any hassle, Yes please!!


The baby shower was an extremely special day for me not just because we got to celebrate Harmon Mayne, but also because I wanted to express my gratitude to all friends and family for their love and support through this journey. As much as they wanted to celebrate me and Harmon, I  wanted to celebrate them because it goes without saying that this has been a rough road and I could have not made it this far without them. My friends and family have been anchors, fighters and uplifters. I truly wish I could give them a world of happiness and contentment, but since that’s not always possible on this side of glory I gave them Night Owl Coffee Cart instead!


If you are looking for a way to make a party an unforgettable experience for you and your guest check out Night Owl Coffee Cart. I promise this is in no way sponsored I just truly loved having friends, love and Night Owl Coffee as part of this special day and wanted to share that with you!