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 I actually purchased this top over a year ago from ZARA and finally wore it with this outfit. It’s an absolute beauty, but since it’s been so long I could not find it anywhere. The skirt is also old. I bought it at Banana Republic over two years ago and wore it once to a dinner party. I love the bright color! The first time I wore it, it seemed a little fitted (which is not always my favorite), but it is definitely fitted now! The sunnies that I am wearing are not just edgy but the processed go towards a great cause! Check them out!


One of the questions I am frequently asked is where do I shop for maternity clothes? The answer is simple! I DON’T! I have refused to shop for maternity clothes for a couple of reasons. First being that most of regular clothes still fits. I know this may sounds silly, but I am just keeping it real. I have never been a fan of fitted clothes. Perhaps because I’m short and curvy or I’m just odd. So here is my little secret! Before I was pregnant and making new purchases I would stick out my stomach as if I was pregnant! Why? I wanted to make sure that I had enough space in my outfits to be comfortable. I just hate being uncomfortable in my clothes. Weird. I know, but that’s my reality. I called it my “prego test” which lead me to justify my purchases because I was investing long term and it has paid off!! I have bought zero maternity clothes.


Secondly, I started showing pretty late in my pregnancy so purchasing maternity clothes for 10 weeks just did not make an scences to me. I figured I could just rock dresses, stretchy skirts and leggings for the last trimester.

My brother actually bought me maternity jeans around the holidays and I returned them after he left (sorry if you are reading this). I  just didn’t like the idea of spending over $50 on jeans that was only going to wear for a couple of months plus I heard some pregnancy advice early on and that was don’t get too comfortable in maternity wear because it will be really hard to transition back to your normal attire and lifestyle. I am really grateful to have been able to keep many aspects of my “normal” lifestyle normal through pregnancy.


My tips for shopping non-maternity clothes while pregnant are this.

  1. Find a cut/style that you love and is comfortable for you and then go up a size if needed. I have purchased  a couple of tops that are loose fitting or have an adjustable waistband and went with my regular size. For example the top that I’m wearing in the pictures above is an XS but it does not tailor in at the bottom which is perfect for tucking in or wearing loosely.


2..  Also never buy anything you wouldn’t wear if you were not pregnant. Invest your money well and buy pieces you will love post delivery!


When I found out I was pregnant I wondered if I would ever fully enjoy pregnancy because of the circumstances and the hurt that I experiences early on. I could not imagine being a happy pregnant gal or being able to enjoy the sweetness of what I thought was suppose to be a romantic season. Sure, pregnancy has looked different than what I ever dreamed it would, but in a lot of ways it has gone just as I would hope. Easy, light and fun. I love feeling beautiful through this season and have loved the way my heart has fallen in love with a sweet baby boy. I believe pregnancy is one of God’s sweetest gifts to woman so why not dress up and make the best out of it! The “pregnancy glow” comes within. It comes from a heart that radiates the glow of new life. To my mama’s out there, don’t believe the lie that “mom-style” has to be boring or not reflective of your personality. You are still you and so much more! You are the you that God created to shepherd his children on earth. I have chosen to shepherd my babyboy in pumps and big hair!