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Happy Monday! This marks our fourth week into the new year and week 29 for Harmon! I keep saying to myself, “only 10 more weeks to go”. I just don’t really see myself carrying this sweet baby a full 40 weeks, why? I have no idea. I’ve never done this before but 40 weeks seems like a really long time! Today also marks the beginning of my 9-week birthing classes. I have chosen to go with the Bradley Method for training during the labor experience. I am not a Bradley expert by any means nor do I know a whole lot about it. What I do know is this, the bradley method teaches you natural techniques and exercises to do during labor to help you through the pain (hopefully help reduce it) and go through labor without drugs. The Bradley Method is designed so the husband to be the “coach” during labor. I don’t have one of those so my best friend Karen and my mom will fill that role! Which is awesome because they both have experience with childbirth!


I am not a hippie, but I’m definitely not a druggie either, I’m somewhere in between. I am fully aware that I have never experienced anything that could possibly compare to the pain of childbirth, but I do believe in the power and strength that God gave women for this process. Mary, Jesus’ mom did it as a teenenager and Sarah did it at the age of 90. Granted one was carrying God’s child and the other the child that was to carry out the promise of the covenant, but nonetheless I too have His promises. Along the way I have met many women who are for natural births and other who say why fight it take the drugs! I get both ways of thinking but here are the reasons why I am choosing to go natural first all while being open minded to an epidural or a c-section if needed.


A. I was an athlete growing up and like to still train like one (baby and all) so my body, specifically my lower back and hips have seen a fair amount of injuries and have endured long periods of discomfort. I cheered for many years so my hips are a mess from tumbling and jumping on hard surfaces. I also started weightlifting at a young age and did Crossfit for several of years. I lifted heavier than I should have which led to lower back pain. So I am not the one who is comfortable with the idea of having a needle in my back. I drive with my seat warmers on in my car 365 days a year, regardless of the temperature because I am uncomfortable when I sit for too long. I am not willing to take the risk right off the back to have more discomfort later. I know many women who have experienced no long term side effects from it, but there are those who do! Odds are I would be one of them.


B. I hate needles. The end.


C. I want to be able to move around and not feel tied down to a bed. The thought of being restricted to a bed freaks me out!! Maybe I’ve seen too many movies where people pull out their IVs and run out of the hospital. You can’t do that if you have an epidural.


Like I said I am staying open minded to the fact that my plans are not God’s plans and anything could happen. At the end I just want a healthy baby and to be a healthy mama. Many who do the Bradley Method aim for a homebirth. I on the other hand plan on doing most of my laboring at home but head to the hospital when the time comes. I love my doctor and really like the idea that well trained doctors and nurses will be there to help! But who knows, I could end up having Harmon in the back seat of a car on the way to the hospital. All things are possible….of course I kid! ha!


Now, let’s talk about the this beautiful dress! My friend mentioned, Vernacular, new boutique that opened up in Dallas not that long ago. She said it was super cute and layed out to look high-end but was pretty affordable. It sounded like my kind of place so I went to check it out. I found this beautiful pink velvet dress there. Shopping while pregnant is a challenge because you don’t know how big you will be when you actually get to wear it-even if it is the next day. Plus sizing an be difficult. I personally have chosen not to buy maternity clothes because I don’t want to be stuck with it afterwards and it’s not my style. I usually just go up a size if needed. I’m actually wearing a small in this dress which is perfect because it is a wrap and can be adjusted. I was sold when I tried it on and it was the perfect length with high heels.


It is the perfect dress for Valentine’s day weather you are going on a date with bae or celebrating the love with your girlfriends! Either way live it up and allow yourself to be showered with the endless love of Jesus. He is the most perfect lover of your soul and heart and He is forever in pursuit of you!


This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him.  This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.

1 John 4:9-11