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Real quick this little black lace dress is just perfect and so is the price point! It is on clearance and under $50 with an additional 25% off at Banana republic. I fell in love with the bell sleeves immediately and knew I had to have to it. I’m wearing a size 2 petite and it fit my baby bump! I was so happy to see that because that means  I will be able to wear it post baby (hopefully). It is also so hard to find a dress with a detailed hem line that does not need to be altered. This beauty is an absolute win for me!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             10 Things I did not expect about pregnancy!

I believe most women who have experienced pregnancy would agree that your body, mind and emotions can be hijacked at any point during the day or night. I decided early on that I was not going to read any pregnancy books during this season because I did not want to worry about what could go wrong. I figured I maintained healthy eating habits and was pretty active and everything else would take care of itself. I did not want to spend my pregnancy worried about eating the right amount of bananas 🙂 or looking at everything that could go wrong. After all Jesus is on His throne and Sarah and Mary (in the bible) had great babies without a book!  There have been somethings that I can look back at now and laugh. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and it’s also a good time to learn to laugh at yourself.


1.I thought I had asthma! At my eight week doctor’s appointment I asked my doctor to check my lungs because I had a difficult time exercising and just breathing in general.  She laughed and said I did not have asthma but my body was producing 60% more blood and I could not produce oxygen fast enough to keep up! I believe her but as this pregnancy goes on I am keep thinking I just might have asthma! 😉 I mean have you heard me TRY to breathe after tying my shoes!


2. Movie Probation. I put myself on movie/TV probation during my first trimester because I could not watch a comedy without crying like a baby!! I tried watching movies to make me laugh and to serve as a distraction from everything else that was going on but instead I found myself crying so intensely you would think I was in the movie! After a couple of movie nights I said no more!


3. You hurt my wittle feelins. Oh my goodness! If you know me, you know I am not a crier but that changed quickly during pregnancy! Looking back now it was super early but I found a crib at, The Land of Nod, that I just thought I could not live without and it was ON SALE! I added it to my cart to go show my mom because a crib is a big decision and I did not want to make it on my own! I get home and pull out my phone and show this great deal to my mom, she loves it! In the process of moving the item from my cart into check out I get an error message! THEY ARE SOLD OUT! I call customer service and ask the sweet lady on the phone to look at her inventory (even store samples) because this just cannot be! She tells me that everything is gone, so naturally I begin to cry on the phone and tell this sweet women that she has RUINED MY LIFE!! What the heck Analy!!  And it gets worse I told her I could just not live without it! She kindly finds a way to get off the phone and I cried for two hours! TWO HOURS! TWO HOURS over a sold out crib! I didn’t even know if Harmon was a boy or a girl or what my nursery theme was going to be but that didn’t matter because she ruined my life! Lord please bless that women greatly for her kindness!


4.Can I just take a little five hour nap please?! Like everyday! I typically have no much energy! Too much for most. During my first trimester I kept my usual workout routine, 5am bootcamp,plus three miles or two-adays on most days during the week! What a freak, right!? but I would come home after a workout and sleep for three hours or so! I went from averaging 40K steps a day to just making it to 10k. I actually had to tell myself this was okay and it didn’t give or take away any value


5.Workout, breathe, or potty? Seriously during my workouts now a days I have to constantly stop and ask myself which is more important. Do I stop to catch my breath? Do I stop to go to the restroom for the third time in an hour? or Do I try to keep moving till I potty my in my leggings?!


6.Did I just sneeze and pee a little? Funny enough a friend did warn me about this early on, but I was not convinced that it would happened to me but it did! I just laughed and moved on because I figured it was just part for the process.


7.Give me all the chopped unions you have! I actually did not get any cravings, well not any cravings that were not part of my normal craving lifestyle. Chick-fil-a and Wing-Stop are a weakness no matter what. I did however see a cup full of chopped unions in the fridge once and for a second thought about eating them by the spoonful! Thankfully reality hit in and I was able to walk away


8.Care to tell me what you really think? This I actually find safinating. To the point where a book should be written about this, hopefully comical! Women love to tell you their opinions on your pregnancy even if you don’t ask for it. I don’t mind listening to good labor story at all, I actually enjoy the hints of reality. It’s all the other things like… “I can’t believe you are still working out!” “You can’t be a vegetarian anymore” “If you don’t give into your cravings your baby will be born with his mouth open or will be a picky eater” “You can’t run anymore” “what do you mean you are wearing maternity clothes?”, “You’re crazy for wanting to do glass bottles”, “When you become a mom you won’t dress up anymore” [EXCUSE ME!! UMMM NO] “Just get the epidural”,”You’re not even showing yet, are you sure you’re pregnant?” and the list could go on and on! Most things I actually find comical and it has also been a reminder that as women we should be for each other! Comparison is the thief of joy so let us not go there but instead let us back each other up and celebrate one another.


9. Bring on all the oils! During my first trimester I set a goal to apply almond oil and shea butter on my body at least twice a day to help with stretch marks because in my head I was going to blow up over night! I put so much on that everything I touched had oily fingerprints. I washed my hands afterwards but my body was COVERED in it so it was only a matter of seconds before everything I touched had my fingerprints on it. My hair was oily within a day, my phone would slip out of my hands because it was so greasy, my curtains have oils stains on them, how? I don’t know! My it splashed off my body!



10.Love my Daddy! This one is actually sweet! I have fallen more in love with Jesus during this season. It’s just incredible to think about how much He loves us and awaits eternity with us. I cannot wait to meet Harmon and see what he looks like and what his personality will be like. This season has given me a sweeter heart for God’s word and presence. It has also given me an opportunity to slow down and smell the roses! Everything seems sweet and romantic somehow! Maybe it’s because crying comes a whole lot easier now or because pregnancy is really a special time. I am not the smooshy type of gal but Harmon sure has given me a gentle and compassionate  perspective of life.